Refugee Gaming IRC Channel

Channel: #refugee

While Quakenet's web client provided here does a fine job, it is highly recommended that you download and install a local IRC client of your own. There is a client available for practically every platform, including your phone.

Members of Refugee Gaming recommend:

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  • Quakenet is the largest IRC network. Don't fret if your nickname of choice is taken, just grab another.

  • /nick [nickname] - change your nickname. "/nick Boris" changes your nickname to Boris.

  • /me [action] - an action message. "/me waves hello" becomes "* Refugee waves hello"
  • /msg [target] [message] - a private message. "/msg Sandvich Leave me alone" sends a note only Sandvich can see.

  • Register with Q: /msg HELLO youremail@address youremail@address
  • Authorize with Q: /msg AUTH username password