Refugee Gaming Community Game Servers

Note: Looking to kill some time on our game servers? Wise selection. Refugee Gaming maintains a small but carefully cultivated group of gaming servers for your enjoyment. While you're here, please be mindful of the server rules. It's all common sense and comes down to being a civil human being toward your fellow gamers.

In short, don't cheat, spam, or harass folks, and we'll get along fine.

Refugee Gaming's Team Fortress 2 Smorgasbord

The Smorgasbord - Team Fortress 2 (Public)

32-slots of mayhem, it's not your mother's TF2. It's fully loaded with all of your favorite custom maps and configs, and is regularly tuned to keep it fresh. Rock out before and after each round with community-chosen music while you engage in pre and post round chaos. If you've never hit the smorgasboard, get yourself a face full and you'll never eat anywhere else again.

  • Reverend Brown
  • Argyle
  • kayak!?
  • Whistler
  • The Fame Monster
  • MeltedUFO
  • Shanghai
  • DocToxic
  • Gryphon
  • Jack
  • Stereo Sage
  • Ogg
  • SuperSnu
  • Think you're admin material? Apply here.

Refugee Gaming's Mumble Voice Chat

Community Mumble Server

In addition to the community's IRC channel, we also run a Mumble server for voice chat in the non-TF2 games. Grab a copy of Mumble and get squaking.