[REF] Meet-Up 2017 - New Orleans: Weekend Poll

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Which weekend(s) would you prefer for our 2017 Meet-Up

June 2nd - June 5th
June 9th - June 12th
June 16th - June 19th
June 23rd - June 26th
Total votes : 21

[REF] Meet-Up 2017 - New Orleans: Weekend Poll

Postby The Fame Monster » Wed Jan 18, 2017 10:13 pm

I figured I'd post this now so we can try and get the ball rolling a bit faster.

Since we usually shoot for June, I thought I'd put every weekend of June up for selection in the above poll. However, we don't HAVE to be married to the month of June. If there's enough demand for another time frame, I will gladly add it to the poll.

Much like the poll we had for the location of the meet-up, please vote for any and all of the weekends you think you could make work for your schedule this summer, and we'll work with the weekend that receives the most votes (if there's a tie between two options, we will vote again between the two).
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